Mediation services


In mediation, the family members voluntarily appoint a neutral third-party (the “mediator”) to help them make decisions and reach an amicable agreement. Through our collaborative mediation process, we can help you:
  • Develop a cohabitation agreement (“pre-nup”) or marriage contract
  • Resolve parenting issues
  • Develop a parenting agreement
  • Negotiate a separation agreement
  • Review or change child and/or spousal support arrangements
  • Plan for extended family involvement with children following separation or divorce
  • Resolve difficulties with separation agreements, parenting agreements and/or cohabitation agreements
If you are considering separation, there are several benefits to working with a mediator:


At Eaton Law, all mediation is conducted on a confidential basis. This means that anything said cannot be used in court or other proceedings. In addition, the mediator cannot ordinarily be called upon later to testify in a court proceeding about what happened at the mediation or to disclose any documents that may have been prepared in the mediation. Those entering mediation sign an agreement at the beginning of the process that sets out terms with respect to confidentiality.


The mediators at Eaton Law are focused on helping you reach an agreement. While the mediators cannot guarantee that you will reach an agreement, mediation is significantly more cost-effective than proceeding in court or through traditional negotiation between lawyers.


Mediation is a process to negotiate your own agreement with assistance. You are involved in generating options that work for your family’s unique situations. You, not a judge, decide the outcome and what is best for your family.


The family mediation process requires that participants make a commitment to proceeding in good faith and to sharing all relevant information related to finances and other issues. By doing so, our mediators can help you come to a resolution through a process based on trust and respect. Many people find that mediation can help them end their relationship in as pleasant a manner as possible while staying focused on the future of the family.

As mediators, Stephen Eaton and Monica Chi can assist separating and divorcing couples in reaching an agreement that meets their unique needs. Additionally, as a trained lawyer, Stephen can provide guidance to clients about the law regarding separation and divorce; as a social worker and experienced psychotherapist, Monica can provide guidance and support addressing the emotional elements of separation and divorce.