Professional, therapeutic support to individuals navigating the emotional challenges of separation.*

Going through separation or divorce can be a highly stressful process. The ongoing disagreements over finances and children’s health, education, and welfare can give rise to a range of intense feelings. Caring for your emotional needs during this turbulent time is just as important as protecting your legal interests. With the support and guidance of a qualified and experienced Registered Social Worker or Psychotherapist, you can manage your emotions and conflict more effectively. Your mental health professional will help you gain a new perspective on your situation and make sense of the end of the relationship.

Our separation and divorce counseling services are designed to help couples who are at different stages of separation. Some of our clients seek therapy to decide whether to stay in a marriage or not. Some seek our help to transition from being married to being single again. Wherever you are on the journey, our mental heath professionals can help you transition to a new phase in your life more smoothly. We can help address your different concerns regarding separation or divorce in individual or couple therapy sessions.

*All counseling services are provided by Praxis Counselling and are fully separate from Eaton Law Professional Corporation.