• “Hardships often prepare ordinary people for an extraordinary destiny.”

    – C.S. Lewis

    Divorce is not something to endure alone. A family lawyer who is effective and understanding will help you through this difficult time. At Eaton Law, family matters.


 I’m frequently asked:

“Why practice family law?”

“Isn’t it hard? Doesn’t it make you jaded?”

My response is almost automatic

I became a family lawyer because I get to help people in difficult situations. I get to see lost clients transition from anger, confusion or hopelessness to knowing their next steps within a short period of time. Everyone who walks through my door leaves with a greater understanding of their situation, and a plan on how to move forward.

Stephen Eaton – Family Lawyer


My Process

  • Consult

    The first step is a consultation, where I get a 30,000 foot view of your situation and provide preliminary advice. The preliminary advice I offer gives you an overview of the family law system as it applies to your unique situation. We will discuss potential outcomes regarding Custody of Children, Child Support, Spousal Support, Division of Family Property, etc.

    This meeting is where we define your next steps and how you need to move forward. The cost of the consultation meeting is $300 + HST for one hour, payable on the same day.

    I am not able to offer free consultations.

  • Retain

    Should you decide you want to work with me, we each sign a retainer agreement. This is a contract between the both of us that sets out my obligations to you and your obligations to me.

    A financial retainer will also be required, where money will be placed in trust as security against future legal fees. When the retainer funds have been used you will be required to place additional funds into trust. The amount of the retainer will be based on the complexity of your matter. The retainer amount is not an estimate of the total cost of your matter.

    In appropriate circumstances I do offer flat fee billing. If a flat fee instead of an hourly rate interests you then this it the time to mention your preference.

  • Engage

    Upon being retained, my next step may be a letter to your spouse, responding to court material already filed, or bringing an emergency motion. The process of engagement depends highly on the unique circumstances of your case.

  • Resolve

    My ultimate goal is always to resolve your family matter as quickly and effectively as possible.

Legal Services

Custody of Children

The right to make decisions about a child’s upbringing (e.g. education, health care and religious matters).

Access to Children

The right to spend time with a child.

Child Support

Money from one parent to the other as a contribution to the cost of raising a child.

Spousal Support

Money from one former partner to the other to support them after a relationship has broken down. Also called alimony.

Equalization of Family Property

Dividing the marital assets between two former spouses.


Client Testimonials

  • Having spent the last 17 years dealing with custody and child support issues with other lawyers, it was thoroughly refreshing to feel like a lawyer was actually working in my best interest. I felt that I was really listened to, and was provided with all the information I requested and needed. I was always able to reach him in a timely manner and I never felt that my case was less important than any other. We had frank, open, discussions about my situation and he provided me with a clear picture of my choices. In the end, he assisted me with coming to an arrangement that benefits me and my daughter greatly, while not alienating the other side. I truly wish I would have found him five years earlier.

    Katherine F.
    Eaton Law Client
  • Stephen has been very helpful and informative throughout my case.   My file is still on going and so far I am happy with his services.  He has gone the extra mile, helped me save time and headaches trying to figure out all the legal aspects on my own.  I have used his services in the past on a litigation file and to draft up contracts with successful results.  I highly recommend Stephen Eaton!

    Tori N.
    Eaton Law Client


Please kindly provide me with a brief summary of your matter.  I try my best to respond to inquiries within 24 hours.

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